At Certus, we develop the plan, and we perform the turnaround, working alongside our clients throughout the process. We begin by performing a thorough, multi-faceted analysis – we consider underlying micro and macro financial drivers, competitive market forces, staffing and on-site culture, the state of the physical asset, and other aspects to determine why a business may be underperforming.

We next identify a path forward, and work alongside owners, Trustees, management companies, and people on site to turn a business around by creating value.

Our hands-on approach can include leading capital improvement campaigns—even acting as general contractor—to identifying underutilized talent in personnel, or using our nationwide network to find a buyer for a business. We work to not only identify the steps to a turnaround, but we DO the turnaround, ultimately fixing underperforming businesses and positioning them for long term success or sale.

We are differentiated in our ability to understand complexity and to also communicate to every stakeholder. We capture the hearts and minds of people who are a part of an underperforming business, from lenders all the way to the employees on site concerned about their jobs.