We have deep experience in credit structuring, both in the public and private sectors, understanding sophisticated financial structures including multi-tiered lending facilities such as senior/subordinate, mezzanine, equity pledges, and limited partnerships.

We are committed and formidable. Restructuring only makes sense if it benefits the long-term goal of the client. To determine a path forward, we learn the underlying business before advising on how to restructure, assuring higher levels of success post restructuring. Certus works to provide the best possible outcomes, avoiding a sometimes bitter and drawn-out process, to preserve reputations, businesses and even communities.

We advise in:

  • Distressed Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debtor Advisory
  • Creditor Advisory
  • Out-of-Court Solutions
  • In-Court Solutions (Section 363 Sales)
  • Receivership

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